Reading III – Vocabulary


1. Innate (adj) : natural, inborn

She has an innate sense of humor.

2. Predict (verb) : to tell before it happens

The old man predicted the murder of the king long ago.

3. Precise (adj) : accurate, exact

Sewing a dress requires precise measurements.

4. Variety (noun): selection, diversity

The big supermarket has the most complete variety of food.

5. Weigh (verb) : consider, think about

She weighs all her options carefully before making her decision.

6. Cater (verb) : to provide food for parties

They usually cater for rich, important people.

7. Interfere (verb) : to come between, meddle

The students stopped fighting after the teacher interfered and separated them.

8. Infinite (adj) : limitless, endless

His parents are so rich, it seems their money is infinte.

9. Significant (adj) : important, vital, major

The little boy showed significant progress in his piano lesson.

10. Experiment (verb, noun) : (to) test, (to) try out

The scientiest’s experiment was a success.

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