Reading III – Making a Summary

How to summarize:

1. Read the passage  at least twice so you can fully understand what the author is saying.

2. Isolate the thesis or main idea

3. Highlight or underline sections in the text that support the author’s main idea

4. Rephrase the main points in your own sentence, keep the author’s intended purpose and


5. Don’t include examples and details

6. Begin with a reference to the author, the title of the work, and if possible date and place

of publication

7. Make up a new thesis that explains the main idea of the new passage, don’t just restate

the author’s thesis

8. T0 avoid plagiarism, make sure to change the the thesis, sentence structure and


9. A summary does not have to be in the same order as the original passage, unless it is

necessary for comprehension

10. Revise and edit to ensure accuracy

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