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Reading III – Making a Summary

How to summarize: 1. Read the passage  at least twice so you can fully understand what the author is saying. 2. Isolate the thesis or main idea 3. Highlight or underline sections in the text that support the author’s main … Continue reading

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Development Psychology – Tes IQ

Definisi Inteligensi : kemampuan berpikir secara abstrak, memecahkan masalah dengan menggunakan simbol-simbol verbal, dan kemampuan untuk belajar menyesuaikan diri dengan pengalaman hidup sehari-hari. Intelegensi pada setiap anak tidak sama. Pengukuran terhadap intelegensi seseorang dilakukan melalui Tes IQ. Tes IQ dikembangkan … Continue reading

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Sociolinguistics – Characteristics of Language

Characteristics of Language: 1. Size : Larger in items (such as vocabulary) than a dialect 2. Prestige: Language has prestige, while a dialect lacks 3. Popular usage : the variety is widely used 4. Mutual intelligibility : understanding between the … Continue reading

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Speaking – Language Functions

The following are some language functions that are usually found in IELTS Speaking Test: – providing personal and non-personal information – describing people, places and employment – expressing preferences, likes and dislikes – giving reasons, explanation and examples – describing … Continue reading

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Study Skills – Setting Priorities

Setting priorities can be done using the matrix below: If a task is: Urgent and important : do it right away Important but not urgent : make a schedule for it Urgent but not important: delegate it to others Not … Continue reading

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Pronunciation – Deletion

DELETION Deletion commonly occurs in spoken language. Deletion is the omitting of certain sound of words when one is speaking in normal speed. Deletion may occur to either vowels or consonants. However, not all vowels and consonants may be deleted. … Continue reading

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Reading III – Vocabulary

Vocabulary 1. Innate (adj) : natural, inborn She has an innate sense of humor. 2. Predict (verb) : to tell before it happens The old man predicted the murder of the king long ago. 3. Precise (adj) : accurate, exact … Continue reading

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Speaking I – Idioms

Idioms in English 1. To pick out : to choose, select I helped my sister pick out a new dress for Christmas. 2. To look for  : to search for, seek, try to find He looked for his old friend’s … Continue reading

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Pronunciation – Short Vowel /I/ and Long Vowel /I:/

SHORT VOWEL /I/ AND LONG VOWEL /I:/ Words with short vowel /i/   : a. sit                                      b. big         … Continue reading

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